Flyer Designs

Sigma Kappa Tea Party Invitation
This flyer was created as an invitation for a mother’s day event to honor important women in the lives of the Sigma Kappas.
Program used: Adobe Illustrator

Sigma Kappa Tea Party Invitation


Concert Flyer
This digital flyer design was made for distribution online through social media promoting a Rap concert in Chicago.
Program used: Adobe Photoshop

Concert flyer for Rap Concert

Sigma Kappa Pop-in Flyer
Flyer design for Sigma Kappa’s Spring recruitment event.
Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator

SK Pop-in Flyer

Symphony Flyer
This flyer was created as a part of an exercise in Jairian’s Advance Media Design class.
Program used: Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator

Concert Poster design 2


Kinesiology Society Event Flyer
Flyer design for the Kinesiology Society’s event, Health Sense.
Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator

Kinesiology event flyer

Sigma Kappa’s Maine Men
Flyer design for Sigma Kappa’s first annual male pageant with the listing of the events of the week.
Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator
SK Maine Men Event Flyer